18 April 2007

tracking ice time

major plug for Vic Ferrari's first take at this: head-to-head ice time for any completed playoff game. Here's one example of how this can be used, using the Calgary/Detroit series:

during game 2 in Detroit, Niklas Lidstrom played 87% of his 5v5 icetime against Jarome Iginla, a key in neutralizing Iginla.

last night (game 3) in Calgary, with (obviously) the Flames getting the final line changes, Lidstrom played only 68% of his 5 on 5 icetime against Iginla. Iginla scores game-winner and is much more of a force.

(thus far it's only for 5 on 5 matchups)

Once again: http://www.timeonice.com/. Vic's blog is here.

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