17 April 2007

Buffalo playing soft

wow, that first period was awful. Once Buffalo scored the first goal they started to look better, playing aggressive hockey. But dammit...you know the Sabres are playing soft when they do a lot of pokechecking rather than playing the body. Check out Trent Hunter's goal - why he wasn't sitting on his ass instead of scoring the goal...

This third period is going to kill me. I can't believe this is only the first round.

edit: it's too damn bad Jochen Hecht has ham hands. He's played a solid game tonight and should have at least one goal.

2nd edit: that was a bad call against Randy Robitaille. Although not the first one of the series, for either side. I won't forget that hideous call against Max Afinogenov in game 2 that essentially gave the Isles the winning goal. Therefore....zero sympathy.

final: as a fan, an unsatisfying win. Accepting the 2-1 series lead, I'm hoping this means they'll open it up on Wednesday night and go for the kill so they can wrap up this shit on Friday at home.

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