03 April 2007

Good - Gone - Dead. R.I.P. Rheostatics

Much of my recent silence has been due to my traveling of late, focused mostly on attending the final show of the great Rheostatics at Massey Hall in Toronto, last friday (March 30th). Pictures here.

not-hockey-related? seemingly. Please review this brief clip of the most-Canadian of all bands doing their old tribute to Wendel Clark:

at the close of nearly 3 1/2 hours of music, they performed their last-ever song as the Rheostatics in the center aisle with one guitar (and a pyramid of fans behind them):

Thanks to the band for 20+ years of the most independent of Canadian Shield Rock.

and to bring this back to a hockey focus (and more soon, promise) - read Bidini's hockey books (read 'em all, but here are the relevant ones):

Tropic Of Hockey

The Best Game You Can Name

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