22 April 2007

Sabres survive

A bit late, but quality recaps/critiques of the game can be found here or here. Or here. Weird game - the Sabres kept getting better and better as the game went on, and did truly dominate the 2nd and first half of the 3rd period. With less than 10 minutes left in the game I had already cracked open my celebratory box of Double-Stuf Fudgeeos. Then....what the hell???? 4-3, and the Islanders were on FIRE. The Ryan Miller save will be replayed for years to come (check it on the following video, :40 seconds before the end):

In the end, the Sabres didn't play a full game in this series (damn close in game 5) and hopefully this will serve as a bit of a reminder that it will only be harder. If the Rangers are the next opponent, they should expect a physical presence with a much more potent top line with Michael Nylander and Jaromir Jagr on fire.


Meanwhile, I just finished sitting through game 6 of the Vancouver/Dallas series and I'm shocked at the lack of offensive creativity in the Canucks. Two consecutive shutouts and not much of a challenge for Marty Turco. Of the 20 times in history that a team has come back from a 3-1 deficit in a series, 4 times it has come at the hands of the Vancouver Canucks. Meaningless to 2007, but interesting nonetheless.

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