16 April 2007

mid first-round notes

out of town for a few days, haven't seen as much hockey as I'd have liked (tuning into the Sabres/Isles in 10 minutes. A few points:

NBC's shift-clock is...

  1. distracting
  2. arbitrary
  3. useless
  4. taking up valuable screen space

The Calgary Flames right now are a disgrace. That team should be playing dead-even at worst with Detroit and they laid down and died yesterday; Mikkaa Kiprusoff was the only thing keeping them within a touchdown. There is too much talent everywhere - physical, offensive, defensive - for them to not at worst lose this series in 6 or 7. Heads should roll if the Flames lose this series, especially in the manner they're going about it.

Vincent Lecavalier is playing like the best player in the world right now.

The NHL Network's "On The Fly" wrapup is a hockey-nerd dream. Mostly. Huge plus on the extensive highlights - every goal (in addition to various great plays, saves, hits, etc.) using only the original in-game commentary. Huge minus thus far on Bill Berg, who manages to spew cliche after cliche in his commentary. Unless he tells me something factual, other than the usual blather, I'd rather hear nothing.

Jordan Tootoo...I really don't like this guy.

Let's go Buffalo. Sabres have been the better team both nights and shouldn't let a bad period in game 2 affect them.

edit: Lecavalier gets the first goal in game 3 not two minutes after I type the above. Therefore, Daniel Briere will score one minute into the game tonight...

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