26 April 2007

Sabres dominant in game 1

All in all a very solid effort by Buffalo tonight - they survived the initial onslaught by the Rangers and pretty well dominated the last 2 1/2 periods of play. Their discipline was excellent and they didn't get caught up in an obviously over-amped Rangers club - Sean Avery was of course trying to stir up anyone and ended up being a complete non-factor (other than sitting in the box for four minutes)

Thomas Vanek is continuing on his amazing season. When I watch him play I see Peter Forsberg - incredibly smart and strong on the puck, deceptive speed, unreal hands. I hate to use a cliche but I see such a will to win with him this year.

Henrik Tallinder did an excellent job sticking with Jaromir Jagr tonight.

Ryan Miller went long stretches of not being tested but his key stops early in the game kept it scoreless and enable the Sabres to find their game.

The talent difference was evident all night. Game 2 on Friday.

The only series I'm not that excited about is Anaheim/Vancouver. I think that will be a very quick one (sweep?). Ottawa/New Jersey should be fascinating in terms of strategy. Ottawa has positioned themselves very nicely as a team not many people talk about that is very dangerous.

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Anonymous said...

Pominville's goal was clearly legal....don't know what all the fuss was all about with the five minute delay