11 April 2007

Don Cherry, the Hawks, and my podcast

3 separate notes:

1) News that Don Cherry will make his US network debut on NBC this weekend is fascinating. He's been even more off his rocker of late, and his over-the-top fey anti-fighting-brigade act will likely not play as well in the States as in his native Canada, where he's just "Grapes being Grapes." I'll be interested to see if he tones down his act at all.

2) The Chicago Blackhawks won the draft lottery and will select first overall, making Philadelphia the loser (worst record but picking 2nd). To me it makes it more likely that Buffalo native Patrick Kane will go number one to Chicago. The Hawks have been down for so long that it's hard to believe they're actually compiling so much talent through the draft that they should explode within the next few years.

3) I did an NHL playoff podcast tonight for SportsBlurb.com. First time being interviewed and it's a lot harder than it sounds (well, listen to me and you might think that yeah, it does sound terrible). Doing it live is a lot different than making a point to a friend where you can backtrack and clarify yourself. Ugh.

edit: link posted above.

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