13 April 2007

Sabres dominate game 1

I have to drop all pretense of objectivity for a while, and give some Sabres' commentary during the playoffs. This summary at Sabre Rattling does a pretty good job detailing the solid first game last night. I was never nervous, even after the Islanders tied it. It was a matter of time, as the vast difference in the two teams was evident from the first shift. I thought the Sabres' penalty killing was particularly impressive and aggressive - creating as many offensive chances for Buffalo. Derek Roy was called out by Jim Lorentz for a too-long shift on the Isles goal - I agree, but I don't think his long shift was the cause of his bad (terrible) pass, a giveaway that sent the Isles back on a 2-on-1 that they capitalized on brilliantly. Great pass by Jason Blake, perfect shot by Arron Asham. Still, that was a bad end to a great shift by Roy who is becoming an outstanding defensive forward. Those occasional lapses keep him from premier status but I think he's getting there.

Jinx, blahblahblah - I can't see any way the Islanders stay with Buffalo in this series. It's hard to take four straight from anyone so I'm still confident in my initial pick of Sabres in 5.

I'll admit it - the opening video by the Goo Goo Dolls which was aim-for-the-heart schmaltz, and filmed in and around Buffalo, completely worked for me. I may have had an lash in my eye or something...

I'll be silent for a few days as I'm traveling until Sunday night. Meanwhile read this article on the crap-on-the-road Flames - mysterious indeed. I still haven't figured out why this team isn't a more consistent force but apparently nobody else has either.

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Anonymous said...

The video was fucking awesome and I dont' care if I have to admit of a lump in the throat.....can't imagine what will happen to me if we win 15 more

ruvo dog