14 August 2007

NE division team previews

After finally finishing up some pre-season work for SportsGrumblings.com, I'll reproduce my Northeast division previews here. Please check out the work at SportsGrumblings over the next few weeks as every division will be previewed, and untold players will be dissected as to their worthiness for fantasy hockey (I myself worked on centers, some 140+ all told. From a high of 128 words on Jason Spezza to just 3 for Jeremy Roenick).

I'll be posting in order of my predicted finish:

Ottawa Senators
Buffalo Sabres
Montreal Canadiens
Toronto Maple Leafs
Boston Bruins

(I can't figure out how to create post summaries - hazards of doing this at work. Waiting to post later, since each team's summary is pretty long)


BnWnG said...

Post summaries are complicated and require changing the code on the page, and you need to code each entry. You can look in the help section if you want to do this. Otherwise, you can set up your blog to show only entry titles, and then when people click on the titles, the full entry appears. Doing that is a much simpler change, and only really means that you should make descriptive titles.

Ricig said...

ah, i know - i spent too much time yesterday with one eye on the help files. I tried modifying my template html but nothing ever worked. Eventually I got to the point where I was worried I might totally screw up my template, so I'll have to devote an hour of my undivided attention some night to this. If I care enough. :-) Thanks for the help though.

...so wrt your post on the Sens rumours, what would you think about Forsberg on the Sens? Wouldn't you worry about getting reliability from that position?


BnWnG said...

As far as reliability when playing goes, I wouldn't worry too much about Foppa. He's played 11 NHL seasons and been a point-per-game or better every season until this one. Part of that I wonder if a playmaking center like Foppa might not be able to work at 100% when he's traded and suddenly has to feel his wingers that he's not familiar with.

As far as getting injured, I'd possibly see Foppa on a line with Alfie, and either Heatley or a durable left winger, followed behind by Volchenkov and Phillips. That would give him 3 or 4 guys who could knock the shit around with the opposing team, and make them have a little harder and less sure time trying to knock on Forsberg. I've heard he's not 100%, but I do believe he played in a charity game back home and got like 4 points or something, so I have some faith.

The biggest issue would be in clearing room for him, since nobody's biting at Gerber, or else convincing him to be like Richardson and York, playing for low salaries to go out on a choice team and have a shot at the Cup. Regardless, I highly doubt he'll end up in Ottawa.

BnWnG said...

Also, post your Sens critique soon, I don't have access to your other page here.

Ricig said...

will do. I'm being anal about bolding names and getting the depth charts to line up. i should have the rest of the division up today.