26 June 2007

A Million Vacations

is what I've got in mind.

I'm away until roughly July 9th, at which point the entire NHL landscape will have changed. A few notes, both major and minor:

  • Apparently - FINALLY - the salary cap figure will be agreed upon today or tomorrow at the NHLPA executive board meeting - it could go as high as USD$50 million. Last year's cap was at USD$44 million. Prepare for the annual round of logic-defying head-shaking contracts. I expect to get a number of mind-blowing text messages on Sunday when free-agent season begins.
  • On the (very) light side, Wayne Gretzky is getting into the wine business in Southern Ontario despite admitting that he doesn't "know a whole lot about wine." Rumours that he plans on hiring Jeremy Roenick, Owen Nolan, and Marty McSorley to pick grapes are unfounded.

Please follow the critical hockey links in the right-hand column below to keep tabs on all goings-on over the next few weeks.

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