17 March 2007

Why Pominville's success could mean Buffalo saying goodbye to Drury.

Hockey fans (especially Buffalo Sabres fans) are aware of the big dilemma the Sabres front office will have in this off-season, with both Chris Drury and Daniel Briere to be unrestricted free agents and in line for big paydays. If a choice has to be made, and it certainly seems like it will be, how do you choose? The electricity of Daniel Briere, or the leadership and intangibles (not to mention a likely 40 goals) of Chris Drury?

With Jason Pominville burying two more even strength goals Friday night in Tampa, giving him a league-leading 27 on the year (tied with Vincent Lecavalier), is it possible that his success this year will help steer the Sabres into leaning more towards Daniel Briere? Without Briere, Pominville would no longer have his main set-up guy. Re-signing Briere might be the equivalent of retaining two players rather than just one.

Just a thought.

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