23 February 2007

NHL: hypocrites

Just take a tour around the hockey 'net today and all everyone is talking about is the big game in Buffalo last night. Game of the year, right? Right.

Except one place: the official NHL website. I've clicked there at least five times today, and the "features" scroll through such items as Martin Brodeur's shutout record, somehow tying Roberto Luongo to Forrest Gump, and Up and Close with Ryan Suter. You have to click the News banner, then click back to yesterday to even find this:

"Sabres overcome third-period collapse to beat Senators 6-5 in a shootout"

If I'm writing copy on that game, that's not necessarily the headline I use.

OK, we all know the NHL tries to clean up its act and emphasize the family-friendly aspects of the game. I can respect that to a point. But when every other NHL website features pictures or video of this game on their front pages, it becomes obvious once again that the NHL doesn't know their audience.

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Anonymous said...

Somehow, I just know that the NHL will try to jam us here in Buffalo. Maybe I'm pessimistic, but when the NHL comes out an says the Neil's hit on Drury was a legal hit, something's up. Which replay were they watching. Seems to me the puck was halfway across the rink, when Neil drove his shoulder into Drury's face from behind him.

Just watch and see the NHL suspend Andrew Peters. I hope I'm wrong.

What grit these young kids from Rochester are showing. I just wish the Buffalo media like Sullivan and DeCesare appreciate the talent the Darcy Reiger has assembled in the Blades farm system. They should be writing about that rather than criticising Reiger for not making a hasty trade, or for his integrity in not cheating with the ridiculious salary cap issue for the playoffs.