09 February 2007

actual proof that Canadian teams are keeping the NHL afloat

While reading about a usually dry topic - the NHLPA and next year's salary cap - I came across one sentence that should be an article all its own:

What was also pointed out in this annual gathering was the fact that one-third of the league's revenue is generated by the six Canadian teams.

Is this not stunning? Not the fact that just 20% of the teams account for 33% of the revenues but that it is the CANADIAN markets sustaining this pace. After a decade of non-Toronto Canadian teams either grasping at straws or pleading for their own existence.

By my extraordinarily crude math, this means that there are a few teams not exactly pulling their weight. Any guesses on who they might be?

So when do the plates marked Je me souviens pull up in Nashville? Phoenix could use a little spirited energy as well...

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