23 January 2007

Stephen Colbert vs. the Oshawa Generals

Colbert has been giving unprecedented publicity to the OHL this year, with the Saginaw Spirit naming their mascot after Colbert. Colbert has given frequent updates on the Spirit (while slagging on the rest of the teams) and last week was no exception:

from hfboards.com:
In December Oshawa was playing Saginaw and a bunch of people threw stuffed bears on the ice following a Generals' goal (Stephen hates bears). Stephen went on the Colbert Report and asked all fans that the next time they play Oshawa to throw the General Motors annual earnings report on the ice:

In response, mayor John Gray has proposed a challenge, which Colbert accepted. The Gens and Spirits play on Jan. 26th. If the Spirits win, John Gray will announce May 13th, Colbert's birthday, 'Stephen Colbert Day' in Oshawa. If the Generals win, Colbert will wear an Oshawa Generals jersey for an entire show.

Go Gens.

UPDATE: Here's a clip from Colbert back in October. "I guess Frontenac is French for: 'Bend over and take it, bitch!'" - I hope the OHL has taken note of this, they quite literally couldn't buy this kind of press.

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