16 January 2007

Fans Can Hardly Wait: New Uniform Styles!

I must be blocking it out because I prefer to live within the darkest recesses of my own memory - next week's All-Star game isn't just your standard corporate schmooze-fest: the world will be introduced to the brand new revolutionary form-fitting uniforms for EVERY team! Yes, you heard it right - every team has been forced to redesign their uniforms to all follow the same pattern:

I can't vouch for the integrity here, but it sure fuels Sabres' fans fires - from http://www.gopetition.com/online/10455.html comes this:

Furthermore, Buffalo tried to bring back their original emblem into their new look, but Reebok told them "That it was impossible to do on their new form-fitting uniforms and went with the slug because it was smaller and viewable."
Here's an interesting article on how much the Sharks' players loved the new uniforms.


UPDATE: the pics above are old, and not necessarily official. Turns out some of the players like the latest version of the jerseys:
NHL’s new duds get thumbs up from players

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