13 May 2008

Great Links

Even now I still get some hits after taking nearly a year off - (thanks mom) - I'm enjoying being a bit more passive this year and reading everyone else's opinions. Anyhow, I'm still alive - I figured I'd throw out a few of my current favourite hockey links:

an old favourite:

BfloBlog - focusing mostly on the Sabres (and other Buffalo teams) but with a frequent eye on the big picture. Smart, sarcastic.

A fantastic new one this year that was/is worth a daily visit:

Top Shelf - Fantastic heartfelt look at the Sabres. Heather B kind of likes Henrik Tallinder.

Hockey-Reference.com just came online this spring and is a fantastic statistical source. Still awaiting college/junior/WHA compiled stats but I'm told it is just a matter of time.

first online stop every morning:

James Mirtle - great daily take on everything in the hockey world.

For a daily look at what games are viewable online: HockeyWebcasts

An in-depth look at what each team's salary structure looks like at NHL Numbers.

Finally, a look at an All-Time Hockey draft I'm involved in with some friends online. 17 teams: 3 forward lines, 2 defensive pairings, 2 goalies, 1 coach and 1 home ice. My team is "MaxWebster" and I had the final pick in the first round, taking Terry Sawchuk at #17 overall (with Nik Lidstrom at #18).

My most recent pick was The Aud. Teams won't want to fight me in the corners with Tim Horton and Sprague Cleghorn back there.

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Unknown said...

hey, I'm one of those random clicks that pop up every now and again.

Always hoping...

And thanks for the kind words.