25 September 2007


Obviously my posting has been sporadic at best of late, when it should be ramping up (season starts in four days....). I've decided that I need a short but officially clean break for a while. To those (~3 people...) that do read, keep in touch via e-mail. I'll still be checking on the links listed in the blogroll below (right column) on a fairly regular basis and hope to be back soon.

...and I do have a shell of a prediction article - I should post that at some point so I can laugh at it in spring.

Enjoy the opening of the season - and I'll hopefully be back posting by the end of the month.


Unknown said...

i don't think you should take a hiatus. your postings are my life, man. without them, i can barely face another hockey season

Anonymous said...

Susan....you need to take up other pursuits....how about cleaning your car!!!!!!