31 August 2007

Alexei Cherepanov out for series

Cherepanov suffered a concussion when he collided with Canadian forward Brandon Sutter in the first period of Game 2. He was not on the ice for Friday's morning skate and according to team officials, remains in hospital.

Story here at tsn.ca.

Game 3 starts in one hour (8am, EDT). http://www.hockeywebcasts.com/

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Anonymous said...

Cherapanov got what was coming to him. What he did to Sutter was far worse than Sutter's retaliation. Sutter could have easily broken his tailbone, injured his back or sufferred a head injury. At least Sutter came at Cherapanov head on. The hit, while a little high, was NOT that far out of the norm for hockey. I've been to hundreds of games, and seen many more on TV, and have never seen anything like what Cherapanov did. Maybe he learned a lesson of what not to do when he makes it to the NH