12 June 2007

Bloggers beware

Neate Sager runs an excellent blog in Canada called Out of Left Field (see right-hand sidebar); he covers all aspects of virtually every sport in Canada (I'm particularly partial to his junior hockey leanings in the winter).

Sager is being sued for CAD$2 million by Steelback Brewery owner Frank D'Angelo for comments Sager made on his blog that supposedly "damaged his reputation." D'Angelo at one point last year was bidding to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Whether you care or not, Sager not only runs this blog but does a lot of work in the "traditional" media fields as well so he could hardly be represented as some lone hack working out of his mother's basement (not...that there's anything wrong with that). Much to Sager's credit, he has taken and continues to take the high road in this affair. Best of luck to Neate in his efforts to get the case dropped.

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