07 May 2007

Intermission: Sabres retro clips

Some fun old clips to tide us over until the semis begin. First from the 1975 semifinals, game 1 between Buffalo and Montreal in the Aud. Danny Gare wins it in OT - NBC feed with Tim Ryan and Ted Lindsey announcing. Some of the players here are amazing to see: Henri Richard, Yvon "The Roadrunner" Cornoyer, Ken Dryden....The French Connection, Gare, Craig Ramsey, Jim Schoenfeld... that Sabres team was the first team I truly remember. Weird - it still stings in some way that they never won the Cup. On the few occasions where I was able to catch a game at the Aud I also always remember trying to find Punch Imlach in the crowd - never sitting in a press box, he was always in the golds - you could spot his famous hat from anywhere in the Aud. Look for him at the 1:58 mark.

This second clip is from the famous 1976 game at the Aud vs. the Soviet Wings, at the time the biggest blow-out in Soviet hockey history. I briefly chronicled this game here a few weeks ago in SportingNews and Sportsblurb. As for personal memories, I particularly enjoy hearing the voice of Memorial Auditorium Milt Ellis - announcing the goal at around the 1:20 mark.

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