03 January 2007

Shootouts suck

Yes, today's Canada-USA shootout was - in and of itself - riveting. It may sound hypocritical...but having a shootout in an elimination game? Hideous.

Sincere congratulations to Canada - Carey Price was fantastic in the Canadian net (as was American goalie Jeff Frazee). I'm looking forward to Friday's final - and hope the result is settled before 70 minutes are up...


Anonymous said...

You said it. Shootouts don't belong in playoff games. Witness that lame MLS final back in November. (DID anyone witness that? I'm talking about soccer, folks.)

I'll admit, a few minutes of sudden death and then a tie was a boring way to end a regular- season game in the old NHL, but the "next goal wins" formula of the NHL playoffs is and always has been riveting--perhaps the most exciting spectator event in sport.

Ricig said...

on TSN last night Keith Jones said the NHL needs to go to shootouts. i'm paraphrasing from memory but it was something like: "who wants to see 4 and 5 overtimes when you can see guys fresh and shooting to win the game?!?!"

you idiot.

show me how many games in the playoffs each year even go to 3 OTs.

on a serious note, the fact that this is even *discussed* (although by saying this i'm giving way too much credit to Keith Jones having any influence at all) should be worrisome.